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Thursday, April 19 – English 8

In Class 6, we…

  • …talked about the water charity donations.
  • created a document and went over “Identity”.  We broke down the figurative language and focused specifically on lines 16 – 17.
  • …received back the 11 step poetry questions, and received example answers from me, using the poem “We Real Cool”.  The example answers are here..  We also wrote down these two key points: Reading poetry is about questions as much as answers and A poem can have more than one interpretation if you can prove it.

In Class 8, we….

  • …finished putting our ideas for “Identity” and sheets and shared our ideas.  I created a document for these ideas.

Homework (CLASS 6 ONLY – don’t worry, it’ll get evened up next week):

  • Now that we have worked together and you have received feedback, it is time to practice.   Choose another poem from the “sample poems” sheet and complete the 11 questions on the “traditional way to analyze a poem.”

Thursday, April 19 – English 9 Day 2

Today we…


  • Finish all the project planning sheets.

Wednesday, April 18 – English 12

Today we…

  • …launched the water fundraising campaign.
  • …had time to practice the slam poems.   Poetry slam is taking place on Friday, April 27 (a week from this Friday) but this will be the last class time you have to work on it.  Next class we start Shakespeare.


  • Edit and work on slam poem for the POETRY SLAM APRIL 27.

Wednesday, April 18 – English 9 Day 1

Today in the shortened class we…


  • Find a poem for the project.  You can bring it on paper or electronically.  Make sure it is not too easy or too difficult, and that you find it meaningful – you will be doing a lot of work with it!

Tuesday, April 17 – English 8

Today we…

  • …handed in the homework, which was picking the poem and going through the steps for analysis.  I will give you feedback that will help you on your upcoming assignment.
  • …completed a picture poem (Class 8).
  • …received the poem “Identity” and got into committees to deconstruct it.  The committee roles included:
    • Identifying the purpose and theme (step 2 in the process).  What is the message of the poem?  Why was it written?  What are the big ideas in the poem?
    • Imagery (step 5).  What parts of the poem appeal to the five senses?  Why are they being used?
    • Figures of speech (step 7).  What figures of speech are used?  Similes, metaphors, personification, etc?  What is being compared and why is each being used?
    • Sound devices (step 9).  Is there alliteration, assonance, consonance or onomoatopoeia?  Why do you think each are being used?
    • Form or pattern (step 10).  How is the poem divided into stanzas?   Is there rhyme?  Is there rhythm?  Complete sentences?  Are sentences spread between multiple lines?
    • Visual representation.  How can you use art to show the central meaning of the poem?  If this poem were a movie, what would the poster look like?
  • …in class 6, we started sharing ideas.  We will continue next class.

No homework.  We will start using the song lyrics next class.